Saturday, February 2, 2008

In this blog, I will be recounting episodes from years ago, facts that may be new to some birders, as well as my adventures in my new world of birding on the Gulf coast in southwest Florida. I hope you will be entertained as well as educated.


Owlman said...

Welcome to the world of birding and also for visiting my blog. I look forward to seeing and reading about your adventures in Florida.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elaine,

I had Ibis in my backyard when I lived on the water, but of course it was not in the winter. I now have a blue heron that visits the bog up the road in the summer. It is actually a branch of the Wading River.

My hummingbirds shoud be here soon. Steven (my son) says they don't get here for a couple of months. I put my feeders out the end of March, beginning of April. People say they never saw so many hummingbirds in one spot. I have about six or seven feeders around the house. Love to watch them!!

Nice site. Will visit again.

Regards, T